We're making history

Angelo Borer, a well-known tapdancer, has been educated in tapdancing for several years in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the USA (Broadway, NY).

In 1984, he opened up his own tapdancing school in Oberwil, BL (CH), and established his performing group: the Crazy Feet Company. In 1986, he obtained for the first time famous rewards as Swiss and European Master in various disciplines. In 1990, the Swiss tapdancers even won the Intertational Tapdancing Cup, the F.M.D.A.C. Paris. In 1995, the youngest Crazy Feet members carried off the gold medal twice at the International Germany Cup.

Today, it has been over 30 years since Angelo Borer has been instructing children, teenagers and adults in a diversified, imaginative and successful way and has been nurturing the offspring of the Crazy Feet Company in the courses.

Over the intervening years, Angelo Borer & the Crazy Feet Company have made their mark throughout Europe. Numerous are the engagements in Germany, Austria, Tunisia, Egypt, Canar Isles and even Dubai. Also this year, performances will be taking place abroad.

Angelo Borer & the Crazy Feet Company are characterized especially by exceptioal choreographies that range from folksy hits, classical pieces, Broadway melodies to the world-famous Greek Sirtaki. This diversity brought him and his company about many important engagements and TV-performances at home and abroad. Crazy Feet has already been many time a guest in well-known broadcasts on Swiss, German and Austrian television.

Top pieces of dance such as the “Steiner Chilbi”, “CanCan”, “Rossini”, “Crazy Medley” and “Sirtaki” are highlights that are popular in entertaining shows and which fascinate the audience. Angelo Borer is very pleased to have been able to celebrate his 30th jubilee with his Crazy Feet Company recently. The positive feedbacks confirm that Crazy Feet is able to offer a varied and intoxicating show to everyone. Look and see!

In november 2014 Angelo and daughter Aisha won the L.A. Music Award as “dance duo of the year” .For the very first time, Angelo and daughter Aisha has danced this number 2014 together at the 24th Los Angelas Music Award and get an Award as “the international dance duo of the year”.

In mai 2015 Angelo and his Crazy Feet Company had his first performance in Las Vegas and won the “Rumi Awards 2015 ” for the beste Dance performance.

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