Angelo Borer, a well-known tapdancer, has been educated in tapdancing for several years in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the USA (Broadway, NY).

In 1984, he opened up his own tapdancing school in Oberwil, BL (CH), and established his performing group: the Crazy Feet Company. In 1986, he obtained for the first time famous rewards as Swiss and European Master in various disciplines. In 1990, the Swiss tapdancers even won the Intertational Tapdancing Cup, the F.M.D.A.C. Paris. In 1995, the youngest Crazy Feet members carried off the gold medal twice at the International Germany Cup.

Today, it has been over 30 years since Angelo Borer has been instructing children, teenagers and adults in a diversified, imaginative and successful way and has been nurturing the offspring of the Crazy Feet Company in the courses.

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